The Paris Board of Public Utilities team of wastewater professionals is dedicated to making sure that wastewater collected from the city’s residences, businesses, and industries is treated and returned safely to the environment.? Paris BPU’s treatment process includes screening, anaerobic digestion, clarification and settling, and UV disinfectant. ?

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Fats, Oils and Grease (F.O.G. Program)

The Paris BPU Fats, Oils and Grease (F.O.G) program was designed to reduce the possibility of sewer pipe blockages and overflows by educating people in regards to how F.O.G affects the sewer system and how customers can properly dispose of these substances.

Read more about our F.O.G. Program here.

?Slow Drains or other Wastewater Issues

?For slow drains, stoppages, overflows or other service problems, please contact us at (731) 642-1322. We will have a service technician evaluate the problem, and let you know what was found. By calling us first, you may not have to make that call to a plumber.

Seasonal Sewer Billing

During the summer months, beginning in April and ending with September billing, the wastewater portion of your bill will be capped off based on your average usage in the winter months. Paris BPU takes into consideration that residential customers are watering flowers and lawns, filling swimming pools, washing automobiles, etc.

?Irrigation Meters

?Paris BPU also offers the option of installing a water meter dedicated to lawn irrigation, and it does not have sewer charges. Contact Customer Service at 731-642-1322 for additional information.

Dental Amalgam Program (DAP)

The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated new rules that require Amalgam Separator Technology to be installed in every Dental Office in the
United States that performs procedures with dental amalgam. This effort is expected to prevent over ten tons of toxic metals, particularly mercury, from entering our nation’s watersheds each year. If your practice performs five or more procedures involving dental amalgam every year, then you are included in the policy. For more information on the program please see the resources provided below.

DAP Flyer

DAP Permit Application

ADA Best Management Practices for Dental Amalgam

List of Approved Products 2017

EPA Dental Office Category Rule F.A.Q.

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