We are committed to delivering safe?and?reliable power?to our customers every day. However, power outages can occur, and a major event such as a tornado, ice storm or even a wreck could disrupt utility services for an extended period. Backup generators can help provide safety and peace of mind should such an event occur.

As your trusted energy partner, Paris BPU is committed to helping our customers meet their utility needs at all times. Through our Generator Loan Program, we want to help our customers increase their safety and resilience in a power outage. The program allows Paris BPU to assist customers with the purchase and installation of a backup generator and transfer switch to safely?power critical components in a 德扑棋牌游戏apphome during an emergency.

Paris BPU Generator Loan Information?

  • Current interest rate is 6%
  • Financing available up to $10,000
  • Customers have up to ten (10) years to pay back the loan
  • The loan is repaid monthly through your electric bill
  • There are no penalties applied for early payoff
  • No application fee
  • No down payment required
  • No collateral required
  • Customers will select a vendor based on an approved list provided by Paris BPU. Installer will conduct a site evaluation and determine the proper generator size.
  • Paris BPU provides a free follow-up inspection after the installation is complete
    • Paris BPU inspection will include a test to insure generator does not back feed onto Paris BPU’s distribution system

What are the criteria/requirements to get a Paris BPU Generator Loan?

  • Residential customer of the Paris Board of Public Utilities
  • Primary borrower must own the property and be listed on the electric account
  • Deed must be recorded at the courthouse
  • Improvement value (德扑棋牌游戏apphome only, not including land) must be at least $30,000
  • Have an Equifax Beacon Score of at least 700 or higher
  • Have not filed for bankruptcy in the past seven (7) years

Who may perform the work?

Only Paris BPU approved generator contractors may perform the work. These approved contractors have been reviewed by Paris BPU to insure our customers receive quality products/services.

Custom Surveillance & Electric, LLC

Briggs & Stratton ized Dealer/Installer/Service

Contact:?Eric Kent

9185 Old Paris Murray Rd.

Puryear, TN 38251




E & W Electrical Solutions

Generac ized Dealer/Installer/Service

Contact:?Greg Carter

2660 E. Wood St.

Paris, TN 38242




How do I get a Paris BPU Generator Loan?

Complete the application below and return to the Paris BPU Energy Advisor.

Paris BPU Generator Loan Application?

What if I am interested in becoming a Paris BPU Approved Generator Contractor?

Complete the application below and return to Barry Flood, Paris BPU Energy Advisor.

Paris BPU Generator Installer Application

For more information or if you have any additional questions, please contact the BPU Energy Advisor at 731-642-1322 ext. 159.

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