Eagle Creek Substation

Expected Completion Date: December 2021

Paris BPU’s new Eagle Creek Substation will be a 90 MVA base substation; the same size as our existing Primary Substation. Currently, Paris BPU has one delivery point from TVA where Paris BPU gets its power for Henry County and serves all substations from the existing Primary. With the completion of the Eagle Creek substation, we will have a redundant feed from TVA and a second delivery point. This will aid in having a loop transmission feed for parts of Henry County, give us more redundancy and give us the capability of increasing the reliability for our customers.

Water Treatment Plant

Expected Completion Date: Spring 2020

Paris BPU’s water treatment plant is the sole source of water to the City an to several surrounding water utility districts. The original plant, built in 1950 and expanded in 1979, is the same plant still in operation today. The new water treatment plant will replace the aging plant and improve process efficiency along with operator safety. With the new plant also comes additional capacity that will allow the plant to continue to provide safe and reliable water to residents of Paris and Henry County as our community continues to grow.

Wastewater Treatment Plant (Phase 1B)

Expected Completion Date: January 2020

More information coming soon!

Eagle Creek Substation Progress (October 2019)
Eagle Creek Substation Progress (October 2019)
Water Treatment Plant Progress (September 2019)
Water Treatment Plant Progress (September 2019)
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